ZHANG,Hua,Female,Han Chinese, Born in Handan of Hebeiprovince, Assistant professor in Marketing department.

联系方式 / Contact Information




学历教育 / Education




Bachelor of Business Administration
2001-09 — 2005-06

Harbin Institute ofTechnology

Dept. of Management


Master of BusinessManagement
2005-09 — 2007-06

Harbin Institute ofTechnology

Dept. of Management


Doctor of Marketing
2007-09— 2012-02

City University of HongKong

Dept. of Management

Hong Kong

工作简历 / Work Experience

06/13 -08/13,Research Assistant, City University of HK, Hong Kong

10/13 -08/14, Senior Research Assistant, Linnan University, Hong Kong

09/12 to date,Assistant professor, Guangdong University of Financeand Economics, Guangzhou.

研究兴趣 / Research Interest

Organizational learning,Knowledge management

Online consumer behavior,Online marketing

代表性科研成果 / Selected Publications

论文 / Paper

Ÿ   1. 基于交易成本与社会认同的手机购物意愿研究,2013JMS中国营销科学学术年会(北京,2013),第一作者。

Ÿ   2.Yan, Yanni, Hua Zhang and Fue Zeng (October 2010), "The Exploitation of anInternational Firm’s Relational Capabilities: An Empirical Study", Journalof Strategic Marketing, 18, 6, 485-499.

Ÿ   3.Fue Zeng, Li Huang, Hua Zhang, Wenyu Dou, and Hairu Yang (October 2009), WillUsers Embrace Advertising in Online Communities? A Sociological Perspective,2009 IEEE International Conference on Industrial Engineering and EngineeringManagement(Singapore, 2009.10; EI)。

Ÿ   4.Fue Zeng and Hua Zhang (December 2008), An empirical study on inexperiencedonline consumer’s window shopping behavior: a trust-cost-behavior model,2008IEEE International Conference on Industrial Engineering and EngineeringManagement (Singapore, 2008.12; EI)。

Ÿ   5. 曾伏娥,张华,无网上购物经验的消费者橱窗购物行为―基于交易成本视角的实证研究. 经济管理•新管理. (2008.24, 85-92)。获2008Journal of Marketing Strategy优秀论文奖和全国高校市场营销年会一等奖。

Ÿ   6.Yan Yanni,  Ding Daniel and Hua Zhang(June 2008),The Exploitation of Relationship based Capabilities,2008Oxford Business & Economics Conference Program。

Ÿ   7. 张华,中国消费者网上购物之交易成本分析 [J].管理科学,2007(2):101-105.

Ÿ   8. 李国鑫,马琳,张华,互联网环境下的中国旅游者旅游信息媒介选择研究,Acceptedby Second PolyU China Tourism Forum and Third China Tourism Academy AnnualConference (2005.12) 。


著作 / Book

Ÿ   HuaZhang and Fue Zeng, Chapter 12: An Empirical Study onInexperienced Inline Consumer’s Window Shopping Behavior in China: ATransaction Cost Perspective,the first author, in “Handbookof Contemporary Marketing in China: Theories and Practices”,  Editor: Cheng Lu Wan, New York: Nova Science,2010。.


各类项目 / Grants& Projects

    2010-2012年参与严明萍教授主持的城市大学战略研究基金项目(7002532)“Creatinga Competitive Landscape for Resource Investment: Bilateral Analyses ofCapability Deployment and Control in Sino-Foreign Firms”。

    2007-2009年参与严明萍教授主持的城市大学战略研究基金项目(7002145)InternationalizedChameleon' Organizations: An analysis of Market Orientation, Firm-specificAssets, Capabilities and Performance of Hi-tech Firms in China”。


任教课程 / Courses Taught


  Global Marketing(本科/Undergraduate)

  Electronic Commerce(本科/Undergraduate)

  Service Marketing(本科/Undergraduate)


  Marketing Planning (本科/Undergraduate)